Friday, January 8, 2010

Third Eye Electric

I'm writing out of Scranton, PA. I'm here on a detour from my academic expeditions. I just got done looking at the difference between what is, and what is understood in the reality of RISD. The school has been ranked either the top or second best art school for the past thirty years. I got to see, over the past couple days, how it has come to attain that status, although that didn't suffice in completing my understanding, and I suppose that is what the the $36,000./ year tuition is all about.

Anyway, I've got burning eyes, maybe from being on the road today. I wanted to get up this clip of the third eye plasma piece that I've had posted, only as a photo, but now as a video clip. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Snow on the road today. I hope the drive back into Philly is clear.

Headed down to Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, on Sunday. I'll try and check in some more before this trip's end...

Sogni d'oro tutti!