Friday, January 21, 2011

Grad School Takes Time!

A great evening to be sure! I've been gone for a while, but only from the world inside this screen. Yes, grad school has begun and I made it out of my first term alive and for the better; ) It is too tame to just say that it has been interesting - it has been life changing!

We just had our opening exhibition in which all of the grad students showed one piece that they worked on. Mine is attached here. I did a combination of glass and my first video to compliment the concept. I did not do a good enough job convincing the gallerists that they should allow me to use the smoke machine and projector, so this is how I chose to resolve it for this show. I will post the video of the way that it is supposed to be after the show is done and I can reinstall it with the smoke machine and video projector.

My statement for this piece is as follows:


Perpetually moving, in a finite fashion. Linear expanses to explore. The spaces in-between the beginning and end. The choices we make in that time. The balance of our own weight in this space. Persistence, determination, and a fragility that seems to not account for itself.
The frailty beings, and the line thins, while the push is ever forward. Finding a way in short spans. Forging on. Picking a path and never looking back. Sunshine breaking dawn, and night light breaking the days. Spinning round revolutions, on our ropes. Walking our paths. Finding our ways. Enjoying our days before our time is taken away. Questing our destinations.

Alright, that is all for tonight. I hope you've all been doing well out there. I was so slammed this past term that my blog got severely neglected. I hope to be able to at least drop a line every now and again during this term.

Aloha and mahalo for checking it out!