Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Well, I guess it is better to keep doing now and sleep later. I keep thinking that it is the middle of the week, not the weekend because I'm a TA for Milon Townsend right now and I'm working full days down at the Eugene Glass School.

My coffee tastes good this morning. The leftover Ahi didn't taste as well as I had hoped (my stomach is still a little worked from a bad burrito I ate yesterday.)

Anyway, getting to the matter at hand, I'm trying to make a point of posting something up to my blog with a regular frequency. This is a piece I made for the girls up at They've been more than kind in helping me along my way, so this was a thank you to them for their help. It is made with Gaffer's new Red Lustre. It is a transparent red with some reactive silver in it that gives it a fumed effect of blues, greens and yellows.